Family Cooking Secrets from Mario Batali

Mario and sons share the top three things that they've learned about cooking with family.


Not many teenagers can say they have a world-famous chef at home to prepare meals, but Benno and Leo Batali are just that lucky.

When their father, Mario Batali, turned 50, the boys decided to make him a special gift: a cookbook inspired by the food that Mario had taught them how to make. "The Batali Brothers Cookbook" is a great starter course for families learning to cook together.

Bookish asked all three Batalis about the top three things that they've learned about cooking from the other and where they love to eat in New York.


Mario Batali, what have you learned about cooking and eating from your kids?

Mario Batali:

One: It's OK to get messy sometimes. In culinary school and in restaurants, the rule is that your station should always be immaculate. But at home with the kids, you can be more lax. It's about time together, not being militant.

Two: Shortcuts are just fine. I'm usually not a fan of store-bought whipped cream, but sometimes it's just fine. Same with tomato sauce (of course, only if it's mine).

Three: When making tiramisu for your kids, do yourself a favor and use decaf!

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