Home is Where the Heart-Healthy Diet Starts

Only eating food at home is a great weight loss tip for new moms. Here are some suggestions.


That was a vacation. We napped on the beach. We hung out with the family. We lounged in our PJs. We watched DVD's. We did a puzzle. We overate. And now, luckily for our waistlines, it's all over. Time to get real.

We came down with a serious case of the Sundays on the way home from the beach this year. Aaron was dreading the emails and voicemails at the office. I was dreading the end of my procrastination. And we both had to admit that it is absolutely high time we started eating right and exercising—some! Just a little!

Only Leo was eager to dive right back in to his blocks the minute we got in the door. But even he felt a little ambivalent about sleeping in his own crib again. And he probably misses those days when he could beg potato chips and cookies from everyone around him. But we're all about healthy resolutions around here now.

I know. You've heard it before. But right now, we're a united front, and we're not monkeying around. On our first night home Aaron and I sat on the couch and admitted that we both feel fat and out of shape and we're both sick of it.

This is a good thing. We rarely feel inspired to look after ourselves at the same time, and I hope that we'll be able to create a supportive environment together. No, we haven't discovered the Holy Grail: the Secret of how to cook healthy meals and exercise regularly while working and being parents. But we both feel motivated. And, in another silver lining, we're both concerned about the huge sums of our money that seem to go toward eating out, snacking out, having a treat here or there, etc. So home food is the main theme right now.

Limiting ourselves to food from home is not just a good way to save money and eat healthier, it's also a good way to be deliberate about what you eat. Who would admit first thing in the morning that they'd need to pack four snacks in addition to lunch? That's the theory, at least. But since I'm still working at home right now (I go back to do one of my full-time office gigs in September), we haven't fully put this into practice.

I did manage to exercise today though; If you count pushing the stroller briskly for an hour and a half (thank Leo for refusing to nap in his crib). While I was out I picked up some fish, because I think eating more fish will help us lighten up our meals. It panned out well. Leo liked the fish (he even used his fork!), Aaron liked it, I liked it, and the whole dinner came together faster than the Thai delivery guy takes to arrive. Count Day One of our New Lifestyle a great success! Stay tuned for the sequel(s)...

Recipe: Fish Fillets with Saffron, Tomatoes and Corn