12.23.08 Baby's 33rd Week

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If this week's recipe looks particularly thrown together (it tastes good, really!), that's because I haven't left the house, even to venture to the grocery store a block away. I planned to. I laid out Leo's snowsuit, put on my coat, and left him in his office (aka the exersaucer) while I went to retrieve my boots from the hall. The idea was to go by the swings, then return via the store so I could pick up molasses. I had a lovely applesauce-gingerbread planned for this week, with pink applesauce for Leo and leftover applesauce for the potato pancakes I plan to make sometime during Hannukah. How's that for efficiency?

Out in the hall I ran into my neighbor, who informed me that, with the windchill, it's -1 degrees out there. A person's binky could freeze to their mouth! I hung up the snowsuit and put the kettle on. Time to play. Again. So we listened to June Carter Cash while shaking rattles, then we pretended to make escargots (ok, I pretended, and Leo gamely chewed on the wooden snail I "prepared"). Then naptime. Again.

Now that Leo has a real nap schedule (thank you Dr. Weissbluth!!!), the windows for doing other things are quite small. Like: 7-8am, 10-11am, 1-2:30pm, and 4-6pm. Add in the meals he eats around 10:30 and 4:30, and the fact that it gets dark by 4 and is often too cold for the park, and that leaves us in the living room. Now I understand why parents buy their babies more toys than a baby could possibly need: they're bored. I'm lucky, since my best friend and her baby are home downstairs. But when she goes back to work in February, I'm going to need some pretty exciting toys.

Of course, it's never truly impossible to get outside, even if we spend 30 minutes bundling up and 15 minutes scuttling to the store and back. And while Leo's napping rules out most of the exercise and music classes around here, there's always the kids room at the library, where there are plenty of board books I don't--yet--know by heart. Really, after all the sleep woes we've been through, and my worry and confusion about feeding Leo, it feels great to be able to put him down for a nap or mush up some green beans like I know what I'm doing with this mothering business. And when I have time to scrounge around in the fridge, make a stir-fry, and eat it before the baby wakes up, well, I've got it pretty good.

So here you go, a cabbage and egg recipe, just in time for the holidays. Ah well. Maybe I'll make gingerbread for next week. Have a very happy and delicious holiday.

Napa Cabbage and Egg Stir-Fry