How to Eat Healthy in Those First Weeks With Baby

Celebrity nutritionist and mom of two Keri Glassman gives some dietician-approved hacks to keep your new-mom life full of healthy food.

Refrigerator Hacks: A "Formula" for Post Pregnancy Health

Keri Glassman knows firsthand that those first few weeks with baby are chaotic, between midnight feedings for baby and trying to get some sleep yourself.

"It's so hard," the celebrity nutritionist, author, and mom of two exclaims. "You're holding a baby and feeding them and you're just trying to stand up and brush your teeth."

So when it comes to getting a meal on the table for yourself, Glassman shares some of her insight from her years as a healthy cooking expert and registered dietician. She's got some tips for how expectant families can get ready for the hectic postpartum period.

"It's really so much about being prepared," says Glassman. “If you take just 10 minutes to create a grocery list, you’ll always have food on hand."

Whether you choose to order in your food through a meal planning service, use a grocery delivery system, or do your shopping at the supermarket, relying on that pre-planned list will cut down on time spent deciding on what foods to buy. That list will be your go-to plan and you can skip the hassle of deciding what to cook right in the moment when you're hungry. She explains, “You can save time for the whole next year by investing a little bit of time to plan meals.”

And after your baby arrives, Glassman suggests having a “mom section” in the fridge so you know your healthy snack staples are waiting for you. That way, she says, when you’re famished after nursing you can know your favorite yogurt is there on the shelf for a quick grab and go.

“If you have a system set up, it’s easier to enlist help,” Glassman adds. Even with eager helpers on hand, keeping a clear list of tasks can make a difference. You can clue them in on what would be the most useful assistance (while you sneak in a nap). Maybe it's replenishing the supply of mom snacks from the grocery store or maybe it's chopping up some veggies to have prepped to throw in a stir fry or salad.

"Write those things down," Glassman advises. "That way you can have those few things ready instead of ordering a pizza." And that'll help you eat healthier through the first days as a mom.

Celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman, in partnership with LG InstaView, has some great tips to share about the best foods to eat post pregnancy for a healthy baby and healthy you – check out the video above!