My Summer Vacation

Week 40: 5.12.08


"Summertime, and the living is easy," my friend sang as we strolled in the sun yesterday. She had her 3-month-old son in the Bjorn, and her 2-year-old was shuffling along behind us in pink Crocs, making conversation with the ants. It really does feel like summer--or at least a preview.

I'm over my cold and enjoying this found time, trying to bank up the relaxation. Of course, like the slight chill in the breeze that makes you realize it's still spring, there's a bit of an edge to things right now. My due date's Tuesday after all. Friends and family keep calling and emailing, just to check in. Aaron picked up his cell phone even though he was in a meeting the other day. I was calling to say I was craving coleslaw, could he pick up a cabbage. I'll text him from now on.

Ready or Not

Like most procrastinators, I'm a fairly patient person. Waiting to hear how my loved ones fared in the operating room, waiting for a reply after sending off a love letter, waiting for other women to go into labor and deliver their babies, more often than not I've told myself to take my mind off the wait, let the news come when it's ready. I'm sort of doing that now, telling myself that labor, and the baby, will arrive soon enough. But part of me worries I'm slacking on the job. Could I be walking more? Doing all the things that are said to induce contractions? If I'm not, is it because I'm not ready?

Maybe I'm not, entirely. I like skipping about visiting friends, taking it easy and enjoying dinner and an evening walk with Aaron most nights. I'm wearing flip flops, going to the pool, making salads and iced tea, living it up like you do on vacation--when you know the good time is finite and that just makes it all the more delicious.

On a walk in the park with my dad recently, I began scouring the lush grass for a four-leaved clover, something I've loved to do for as long as I can remember. My dad chuckled. "We thought it was so convenient that you liked to do that; it would keep you busy for hours."

I didn't find any lucky clover, but warmed by the sun, cooled by the breeze, and surrounded by green grass, I was in the ecstasy of anticipation that this activity always brings me. Good weather, feeling healthy again, and having my family and friends check in, just to share the excitement, makes me feel pretty good. Realistically, this is probably as ready as I'll get.

Recipe: Barbecue Slaw