Nesting Recipes: Almond-Cherry Sandwich Dots

02.10.12 Celebrating the guys I love


I love holidays, and I love baking for holidays. Valentine’s Day being no exception, I started out with a little cherry-filled macaroon sandwich cookie. They’re pretty sweet, hardly health food, but a small batch means they don’t linger. The texture is a bit sticky/chewy, which I adore, and I made them into tiny little buttons, each filled with a dot of deep red cherry jam—call them confections, rather than cookies.

I doubt we’ll be pouring on the candle-lit, violin-playing romance for Valentines Day this year, since, well, we’re busy. But in all the busy-ness, I love my guys more than ever. Aaron, busy working on his opera when he’s not working full-time or hanging out with us, and Leo, busy building robots out of bristle blocks—robots who live in tinker toy houses. There’s a lot of love in our little household.

Recipe: Almond-Cherry Sandwich Dots

Zoe Singer is a freelance food writer and cookbook editor and co-author of The Flexitarian Table. Food Editor and blogger for The Faster Times, she tries not to eat for two now that her son is a toddler.