New Mom Uses Selfie to Sell Meal Plan to Postpartum Moms, Sets Unrealistic Expectations?

A new mom has dropped her baby weight in just a few weeks, and she's offering other postpartum ladies the chance to buy her meal plan. But is eating the way this mama does worth it?

When it comes to losing baby weight, there's really no one-size-fits-all solution. Some women drop what they gained almost instantly, others take a few months (or longer) to snap back to pre-baby form...and Tammy Hembrow is definitely among the former. 

Hembrow is a fitness fanatic, and despite the fact that she just gave birth less than two months ago, she already has the sort of body most women dream of having...and she's promising other new moms that they can look like her if they buy the meal plan she's created. 

Hembrow posted a side-by-side photograph showcasing her body just three weeks after delivery, and we must say: She looks absolutely incredible. The photo juxtaposes a look at Hembrow at the tail-end of her pregnancy against an image of her a few weeks postpartum, and the difference is staggering. According to the new mom, she achieved these results without any exercise! 

What's this fit mama's secret? Diet. According to her post's caption, Hembrow lost her weight by watching what she ate—and is sharing her exact plan with other moms. The Instagram star announced that she's selling a meal plan that other women can use to jumpstart their own postpartum weight loss plans. 

But here's the thing: Every woman's body is different, and while getting baby weight off is a breeze for some, it can be really tough and time-consuming for others. While eating sensibly and working out regularly (after you get the go-ahead from your doctor, of course!) will certainly do your body tremendous good, sometimes that good won't reflect outwardly right away, and that's fine.

While this particular mom has clearly found something that works for her body, there are so many factors that can affect how you look after baby: Whether you breastfeed, how much weight you gained while pregnant, your metabolism, just to name a few. And while breastfeeding has helped many women drop weight (it can burn some serious calories!), it's sort of a double-edged sword, as you should be taking in more calories to make up for what you burn while feeding your baby. The bottom line? While watching what you eat might be a great weight loss solution, that early postpartum period is probably not the time for full-on calorie restriction, especially if you're breastfeeding.

To her credit, Hembrow did clarify that every body is different in her social media post. "It's so important to love yourself and your body at EVERY stage in your life," she wrote. "Every body is different, and you should never compare yourself to others. But if you give your body the love, exercise, and nutrition it deserves, you will reap the rewards."

For all we know, Hembrow could be consuming enough calories—but for most of us, dropping weight this quickly (especially without exercise) would require a low-calorie diet, and that just isn't the right choice for most mamas.