A New Year with Baby

12.30.08 Baby's 34th Week


I can be stubborn, which sometimes makes sticking to resolutions easier for me. Like the many years I've eaten vegetarian, the times I've decided to train for a run, the regular super-early breakfast dates with my best friend...ok, that's all I can think of. Because other times, my resolutions don't work out so well. Like the 5 pounds I've added to instead of losing. The mess I've been meaning to clear off my desk for so long that it's gathered dust. The sourdough starter that died in the back of the fridge. The dentist's appointment I keep not scheduling. I'll spare you, I'm sure you've got your own nagging list.

As the year draws to a close, I feel ready to start fresh. Sure, I'd love to run around doing everything I meant to before 2009. Will you just hold the baby while I fast, clean, bake and dental floss all week? No, wait. I want to hold the baby! He's become an avid page turner when you read to him, he loves his new shape sorting box, he screams Mama and Dada indiscriminately, he has the roundest, softest, whitest tummy you've ever seen, he adores broccoli (!), he likes to hug my face, and he smiles more in a day than most people smile in a week. We should all hang out with 7-month-olds. It's very good for your health and well-being.

In the spirit of keeping my priorities straight, I've listed my--let's call them aims and values, not resolutions. For the most part, I've tried to avoid the pass-fail kind (though really, 5 pounds, can I not bring you on summer vacation with me?). Instead, I'm channeling the ever-renewing energy that comes from hanging out with someone who wakes up smiling four times a day (around 6am, 10 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm) ready to start fresh and learn as he goes.

Here's my list for 2009, dedicated to Leo Henry:

Do the things I mean to do without too much delay--or let them go! (see below for the gingerbread recipe I never got to last week)

Date my husband

Exercise with realistic regularity

Enjoy my son

Allow others to enjoy my son

Work to feel proud of my career

Balance family and work

Do nothing sometimes

Protect my family's sleep

Make salad more often at dinner

Ask for and accept help

Offer to help others and follow through

Start a family tradition of volunteering

Take care of my body (especially my feet and back--ouch!)

Help my husband eat well and exercise

Play games



Just smile. Because I have so much to smile about.

Apple-Ginger Bread