Ten Questions for My Mystifying Toddler

10.14.09: Leo's 17th month


1. Why is kohlrabi the only vegetable you will eat?

2. Why is that Thumper book so great?

3. Why do you get so annoyed when we’re sitting in traffic?

4. What are you talking about when you say abababaabababbbabababdaadaaaaamommymommy?

5. Come to think of it, why do you walk around saying ‘mommy’ all the time even when I’m right here?

6. What is so exciting about socks?

7. Why do you try to put the drums away at music class while the other kids are playing them?

8. What’s so bad about brushing your teeth?

9. Why do you love walking up the stairs by yourself, except when mommy is carrying groceries?

10. Why do finger paints make you cry?

All too soon, Leo will have answers for everything. And even as I write down the questions I’d like to ask, I can hear his answers in my head:

1. It’s sweet and not too green. Plus, it looks like an alien.

2. The last word of the book is “Splash!”

3. Who doesn’t?!

4. Apples, balls, sheep, daddy and mommy.

5. You’re everywhere, it’s great!

6. In the basket, out of the basket, how many can I carry? How many can I drop?

7. Daddy is a drummer and I’m in charge.

8. MY teeth.

9. Grocery shopping is exhausting.

10. Cold and sticky, ew, get it off me!

This exercise reminds me that Leo makes perfect sense—just not the sense I might want him to make. For example, the pumpkin ravioli that I labored over this weekend, that he loved yesterday, made him cry today. Why? Because he wanted them at 5:30. At 6, it was too late. Note to self: move up bedtime. Speed up dinner. And bring on the socks!

Pumpkin-Spinach Ravioli