Timing is Everything

Week 38: 4.28.08


At the end of this week, Aaron has a show that he's been working on for longer than we've been working on this baby. He's very focused right now, and we're both so excited to see how his music and text, and the set and staging, all come together. While part of me is totally fixated on the baby, part of me is looking forward to going to at least two, if not all three, nights of the show to see my composer husband realize this project that has been so long in the works.

We're just hoping our next project waits his turn. It's a suspenseful time, and to be honest, I'm really enjoying not having a baby for the moment. After he's out, it seems like nothing will be the same. And for now, I can goof around in the Botanical Gardens with my dad (see photo), pop around town running errands, enjoy the anticipation, and savor my time. There's a lot I want to do.

Stocking Up

I have been gathering stuff like a squirrel, collecting bassinet sheets, a car seat, baby wipes, mysterious items that friends say you need. In anticipation of labor, I've stocked the fridge with coconut water, which is supposed to be full of electrolytes. I also made frozen juice pops, and lots of chicken stock, because I've heard that clear, energizing fluids are the way to go. In fact, since I've heard that dehydration can bring on labor I'm guzzling liquid this week too. We're having warm, sunny lemonade weather, and my best friend/downstairs neighbor is on vacation, so we've been sitting on the front stoop (the steps of our brownstone for you non-Brooklynites) sipping from tall, clinking glasses. I can't think of a lovelier way to while away time while waiting for the happy and exciting events in my life.

Drinking It All In

True, I still have to find a pediatrician, I haven't frozen food for after the baby comes, I have piles of onesies to launder and thank you notes to write, I haven't packed a bag for the hospital, and our bassinet hasn't been delivered yet. Plus, we own zero books on parenting, I have no clue how to use a rectal thermometer, or decide whether or not to give the baby a pacifier, or do whatever it is that new parents do night and day for those first few weeks that they say will be a blur.

Nonetheless, I'm sipping lemonade, chipping away at my to-do list between naps, and feeling confident that A: I won't be entirely ready for the baby whenever he arrives, and B: it'll somehow work out.

This pregnancy has been about process, from deciding we were "ready" (hah! When have I ever felt truly ready for anything?), to finding an OB, reading about pregnancy and labor and realizing that I really wanted to try for a natural birth, switching to an OB who works with the city's only in-hospital birthing center, finding a doula, signing up for a couples workshop called Yoga for Labor, Delivery and Early Postpartum, and now, waiting to get thrust into the unknown wilds of parenthood.

Looking back over the past 8 or so months, I see myself growing steadily, I see the baby becoming less of an idea and more of a person in our lives, and I see Aaron waking up at 6 am to compose music before work every day. By the time you're reading this, he'll have a recording of the music, maybe some press, and new projects to look forward to, but his show will be...shown. And then, provided everybody waits their turn, I'll have my body to myself again (well, at least on the inside), and we'll be the proud parents of our long-awaited little boy, the biggest, most important project we've ever conceived of.

Recipe: Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade