Weekend Projects: Toddler Fuel

Baby's Twelfth Month

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We’ve had to work hard to wrestle our weekends away from the computer, the washing machine, the car, the vacuum and the phone. We’ve argued, gone some weeks without much of anything in the fridge, woken up some Mondays more tired than we were Friday night, insulted some friends and family whom we would like to see, and generally under-performed as parents and people.

But we’re getting somewhere. For one, the house is in decent shape. I did laundry last Wednesday, grocery-shopped Thursday night, and vacuumed with Leo on Friday afternoon. On Saturday we went to Ikea with our friends. We bought storage bins for the piles of outgrown baby clothes, and child-proofing equipment to stop the endless battles over Aaron’s desk drawers, then we sat in the cafeteria and Leo and his friend Sadie had their first taste of Swedish meatballs. On Sunday, Aaron did the lion’s share of the parenting while I went out to lunch with some girlfriends, then cooked food for the week. For now, we’re all in pretty decent shape, and I’m hoping it will last at least a few days.

The stocked kitchen is key. In addition to sleeping more, Leo is eating more and more—basically, if he’s not asleep he’s either zooming around like a racecar or taking a pit stop to refuel. This is what toddlers are about I’m learning. And it’s a happy time, without the pitched battles that come with full-fledged toddlerdom. At age one, Leo is happy to turn his energy towards his toys, or anyone who wants to give him their attention. When his disposition sours it’s a simple matter of stoking him up with some substantial fuel or putting him down for a nap. I’m reminded of the times during pregnancy when eating was a fun—and frequent—activity.

As we keep learning, anticipation is the name of the game. Being able to toss Leo a protein-rich cheddar bite (sort of a popover-muffin cross) between lunch and dinner makes it all look so easy. Just a little something I whipped up on a lazy weekend morning, you know.

Cheddar and Scallion Bites