What do Toddlers Do All Day?

Leo's 17th Month


Tomorrow I finish my 3 month full-time office project. And the next day, I return to part-time/freelance/being home with Leo. I feel like I have a long-awaited date with that great guy who I've been thinking about—awake and asleep—for months. You know, the one with the dreamy blue eyes who loves nothing more than reading What Do People Do All Day by Richard Scarry.

I probably am going to get sick of reading about bakers, firemen and teachers, but don't tell me that now. Actually, you may as well. I think it happens every time I finish a project: I am filled with excitement to get back to the rest of my life, to have time for my family and myself, and to be around Leo so much more. Then I start to get nervous. Leo is a totally new person in so many ways and it really is like starting from scratch.

Are we going to be stuck at home throwing blocks at the cat, or are we going to do all the things I've been looking forward to these past 3 months? In the interests of the latter, I think I should put some of those ideas in writing:

Library Zoo Museums Open Gym Time Family Swim Time Music Class Art Class Playing in the Park—no matter what the weather's like! Cooking (what can a mom and an 18 month old make? Stay tuned...) Playdates Childcare Trades (ie Playdates where one mom gets to leave!) Visit Daddy at Work Go out to eat interesting food Pretend we live on the showroom floor of Ikea Toddler Movie Time Tour of Good City Playgrounds Build a Fort Host Playgroup Dance Party Yoga Feed Ducks (please tell me the ducks will be there in the winter?) Attend Story Hour at Different Libraries Repeat

Okay, this list is a little short. Will it keep us busy 'til spring? Will I add to it over the next few months? Am I missing anything? Any ideas?

Then again, if I consider all the things we could not have done last year at this time, suddenly the list looks much longer now. Now that I have a kid—one who takes only one nap, eats a variety of solid food and generally knows how to handle new people and places—a whole new way of being a mom awaits me. Just remind me of that if I start throwing blocks. Or remind me to ask another mom for advice. We moms are everywhere, and we're full of good ideas!

Recipe: Tofu & Vegetable Stir-Fry