Double-Duty Foods

More double-duty recipes.


In "Double-Duty Foods," (Mom&Baby, Fall 2008/Winter 2009), we explained how easy—and beneficial—it is for your baby to eat some of the same foods you do once she's old enough.

By simply steaming and pureeing fruits and vegetables, your little one can enjoy healthful, homemade meals made from the ingredients you're already planning to use.

Here are some additional delicious and nutritious recipes to try for toddlers, with grownup versions for the older members of the family.

FOR TODDLER (12 to 18 months) Cauliflower with Diced Ham

FOR YOU Cauliflower With Diced Ham & Spaghetti

FOR TODDLER (18 months to 3 years) Corn Hash

FOR YOU Corn Hash with Garlic Shrimp

FOR TODDLER (18 MONTHS TO 3 YEARS) Blueberry-Orange Jellies

FOR YOU Blueberry-Orange Jelly Parfaits