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It's easy to get your daily quota of fruits and vegetables when you add them to your favorite foods in tasty, unexpected ways.


Fruits and vegetables are a big part of eating healthfully during pregnancy. Case in point: Boston University researchers found that expectant moms who consumed at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables daily reduced their risk of upper respiratory tract infections, including colds, by 26 percent. Plus, the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, such as folate, calcium and vitamin C, are essential to your baby’s development.

“Because some vitamin and mineral needs can increase by up to 50 percent during pregnancy, most pregnant women need two cups of fruit and two and a half to three cups of vegetables daily,” says registered dietitian Elizabeth Pivonka, Ph.D., president and CEO of the Delaware-based Produce for Better Health Foundation. “Adding produce to your meals and snacks whenever you can is very important.”

It’s a cinch to get your quota when you add extra fruits and vegetables to dishes you already make, says Pivonka. To prove her point, we’ve given five familiar recipes a healthy makeover with the addition of some of our favorites from the produce department.

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