Pregnancy Cravings: Healthy Snacks via Alyssa Milano

Prenatal eating tips from the Charmed mama

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"I don't deprive myself of anything. If I feel like I need some ice cream, I'm gonna eat the ice cream—just as long as I know it's coming from a cow that doesn't have antibiotics in it," Alyssa told us on her photo shoot. "I just try to eat really clean."

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Instagram: milano_alyssa

Enjoy Life's Sweet Celebrations

Alyssa posted this yummy-looking strawberry cake on Instagram, saying "That's a wrap on season 2 of #Mistresses! My crew got me and the baby a cake!!!" Yes, eating healthy is important, but so is celebrating life's major milestones.

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Keep it Local

Alyssa and her son Milo pick produce from their garden for dinner every day, as she said on the food-lover's talk show The Chew when she guest-starred last year.

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Instagram: milano_alyssa

Make Food a Family Affair

Alyssa told us she still enjoys Italian food with her parents every Sunday, and by the looks of Instagram, she also likes cooking with Milo. #Adorbs.

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Pay Attention to Weird Cravings

Alyssa finds herself craving fruit this pregnancy. "I'm not a big fruit eater, but I try to listen to my body," she says.

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Choose Smart Snacks

The healthy mom was spotted enjoying some Pasta Chips while out running errands. Baked, rather than fried, chips are a smart way to satisfy those pregnancy cravings for a good old-fashioned crrrunch.

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