Sweet and Salty Recipes To Satisfy Your Pregnancy Craving

Curb your cravings the healthy way.

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Nearly every woman has a story of crazy cravings or insatiable appetites for unusual foods during her pregnancy. While following your stomach too far down the "I can eat whatever I want" road may lead to an unbalanced diet, nearly any food you crave is just fine to have in moderation. Read on for nine sweet and salty recipes to help satisfy your cravings while helping you get all the nutrients you need.

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Almond Cherry Sandwich Dots

This light macaroon recipe will yield enough sandwiches to satisfy your sweet tooth with plenty of leftovers to share. Filled with cherry jam, the cookies have a slightly tart flavor and are perfect for anyone who loves a sweet and sour combination of flavors.

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Panna Cotta with Pears

A creamy panna cotta sweetened with granulated sugar and a pear topping, this recipe takes less than 15 minutes to prep and is a perfect after-dinner treat. Swap the pears for apples or star fruit to winterize this dessert and enjoy the natural sweetness of the fruit paired with the lightly vanilla flavored custard. Although you're getting some nutrients from whatever fruit you choose, its best not to skip your daily prenatal vitamin.

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Blueberry-Maple Yogurt Ice Cream

Making this creamy and delicious ice cream at home is a breeze, even if you don't have an ice cream maker handy. Blend yogurt, cream, blueberries, maple syrup and blueberry preserves then freeze for 45 minutes. Remove the blender from the freezer, blend the ingredients once more and serve immediately for a sweet and calcium-filled treat.

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Pineapple Salsa

Mix fresh pineapple, salsa, onion and scallions with a bit of mint and lime juice and serve with baked tortilla chips for the perfect sweet and salty snack. Share with friends or keep the salsa in the fridge for a second day's worth of snacking.

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Muffin Tin Potato Chip Frittata

This slightly salty recipe is perfect for brunch or a quick snack. The eggs provide protein while shredded cheese and twice-baked potato chips make this an indulgent and savory option without busting your daily sodium intake.

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Big, Fat, Juicy Cheeseburger

Instead of hitting up the drive through for a cheeseburger and fries, conquer your salt craving with a healthier homemade version. Add Portobello mushrooms to your burger patty for an extra folate, iron and zinc burst and top with your favorite cheddar cheese. Serve on a whole-wheat hamburger bun with baked sweet potato wedges seasoned with salt and pepper for a boost of Vitamin A.

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Warm Spinach Salad

Iron deficiency during pregnancy can become an issue, so make sure you load up on as many leafy greens as you do sweet and salty treats. With spinach, egg, mustard, brown sugar and bacon, this side salad or lunch option is a great way to bring what you crave with the nutrients your body needs onto the same plate.

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Penne With Prosciutto

With chicken broth, some thinly sliced prosciutto and Romano cheese, this recipe will serve up to six people while providing you with a bit of natural sodium.

Using whole-wheat pasta and adding peppers and peas to the dish also boosts your folate and Vitamins A and C.

While most cravings are completely normal, some women do experience pica—a condition that makes them crave nonfood items. If you're having any of these cravings, try eating ice chips to curb them and don't be afraid to talk to your doctor or midwife immediately. They'll be able to help you address the issue and add in vitamins and nutrients you may be deficient in.

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