Tea For Two

Safe herbal teas during pregnancy.


In "Tea Time", we gave you the scoop on the pros and cons of drinking tea during pregnancy. Although many herbal teas are considered safe, some are not. Here's what you need to know.

Herbal teas are not; even your local grocery store boasts dozens of varieties. But there's a caveat: the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate herbs. They don't get the same scrutiny as foods or prescription drugs, so consumers have no way of knowing if the herb will stand up to its claims. Even more concerning for moms-to-be is the lack of research establishing that herbs are safe during pregnancy.

On the plus side, the Natural Medicines Database helps consumers determine which herbs are likely to be safe and which are better left on the shelf. Here's a snapshot view of their findings:

Likely Unsafe: Saw Palmetto Goldenseal Dong Qual Ephedra Yohimbe Pay D' Arco Passion Flower Black Cohosh Blue Cohosh Roman Chamomile Pennyroyal

Possibly Unsafe: Aloe Ginseng Evening primrose Feverfew Kava Kava Senna

Likely Safe: Red Raspberry Leaf Peppermint Leaf Ginger root Slippery Elm Bark Oats & Oat Straw Blond Psyllium Black Psyllium Garlic Capsicum

Insufficient Reliable Information: Dandelion Chamomile Nettles (depending on which part of the plant is used)


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