Ali Fedotowsky & Catherine Lowe Play Hot or Not: Maternity Fashion Edition

"Bachelorette"/"Bachelor" alums and moms-to-be Ali Fedotowsky and Catherine Lowe play a game of Hot or Not, commenting on all things maternity fashion, from bikini bumps to pregnancy shapewear. Both are expecting their first child, Ali with fiancé Kevin Manno, and Catherine with husband and former "Bachelor" Sean Lowe.


Hey I I'm out to test even I'm pat loud and we are taking you behind the scenes of our pregnancy in the meat cutters were ready to play in a hot or not. All about paternity action. Hot and I. Yeah is really bought me a little bit. He behind him and and yes it was the and it's not. A and I don't I mean I've. He gets thrown in here I've only after your Boller. Through. I'm fine. I don't feel good the service. Yeah you really care where the others. I can often be comfortable you feel. Hi I. I think cleaning. I don't think they commence in I don't likely did you ever think he mind. Because a lot but so look like I'm back. I'm. Yeah I'm guessing I I think we get pregnant simple play physical and dying out there if you're comfortable. In your babies I'm familiar comfortable gold or these other guys. That's what.

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