Ali Larter Shares Her Pregnancy Bucket List

Actress Ali Larter is checking off items on her to-do list in the countdown to baby number two. Here's what the 'You're Not You' star has planned.

Ali Larter Shares Her Pregnancy Bucket List Invisim for Pampers /AP images

The You're Not You star just checked one big item off her to-do list: launching, a site packed with lick-the-screen recipes and attainable fashion inspiration. See what else Larter wants to accomplish before she has her second child this winter.

  1. "Spend time with my 4-year-old, Teddy. I'm really excited to move him into a big-boy bed and make that a celebration for him. I want to have as much time alone with him as I can before the baby arrives, because I know that's the end of our years together in that unique, only-child way."
  2. "Travel. I'm going to take a trip with my mom and my sister, so I'm really looking forward to that. We're still deciding where to go, but maybe somewhere in the Caribbean. For my first pregnancy, I did a babymoon in Italy with my husband, Hayes, which was incredible."
  3. "Slow down. I've been working all the way through this pregnancy so far. I haven't allowed myself time to just sit and read. I have a stack of novels and I want to start pounding through them and allowing my body to relax while this baby continues to grow."