Allison Holker and Twitch: Behind the Scenes of Their Fit Pregnancy and Baby Cover Shoot

Mom-to-be Allison Holker, of Dancing with the Stars, goes behind-the-scenes with husband and fellow-dancer Twitch to talk about her gender reveal and energetic approach to staying fit throughout pregnancy.


Hey guys I'm Alison Volcker and you're hanging out with me Alan meet behind the scenes for Fit pregnancy. Threw me personally I Phillies pregnancy just release sees me I wake up every single morning and I feel so energized. This season on Dancing With The Stars I competed all lived until being five months pregnant instruction from my doctor was. If I lived at healthy at light before I was on the show all I have to do is continue to keep that and honestly I felt great. Because I was the first. Dancing With The Stars program has ever been pregnant on the show that the war could department did not know what do we need some weak and I found myself having a lot of wars over. Malfunction. Specifically if you've ever been pregnant you know that sometimes it becomes very difficult thing you have to use the restroom. And street shoes that kids. The last summer had a child with sagging years ago through a lot his team's you know I have a little girls. Bars so I obviously went out and I immediately started buying clothes in creating an all sorts of being. From my first and I got really ancient and if I'm proud of my second half I have Wi fi casual about that I have is are behind nothing. And real not real thought if it.

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