Alyssa Milano Defends Breastfeeding in Public

The actress had some WORDS for Wendy Williams in defense of a woman's right to breastfeed wherever and whenever she needs to. Another reason to love Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano Defends Breastfeeding in Public DFree/

Alyssa Milano is not just an actress. She's also a straight up warrior for a very important cause: A woman's right to breastfeed in public.

The mother of two appeared on The Wendy Williams Show to discuss her career, losing 50 plus pounds of baby weight and, of course, a certain controversial breastfeeding photo she shared. "I was surprised by the reaction and I was surprised that I then was then put in this position of being a breastfeeding advocate—which I love, and I take that job with a lot of responsibility," she said of the comments her photo received. "But it was kind of shocking that [people] were so opinionated about something that's supposed to be so incredibly natural."

At this point, Wendy Williams admitted that she's opinionated about breastfeeding, which sparked an argument between the two ladies. Wendy said she simply doesn't want to see someone else breastfeeding; Alyssa countered by asking if Wendy would ever hide under a blanket when eating. The ladies seemingly agreed to disagree, with Wendy referring to breasts as "fun bags" while Alyssa remained adamant that breasts were not, after all, originally meant for sexual purposes. The exchange was surprisingly friendly and definitely worth a watch. See for yourself below.