Alyssa Milano Helps Mamas-to-Be Master the Casual-Cute Look

And it doesn't involve sweatpants

Alyssa Milano with son Milo G-III Apparel Group, Ltd

If you saw Alyssa Milano on Project Runway All Stars, or on the cover of our August/September issue (which you can download on iTunes), you know that the new mom-of-two can really dress up a baby bump. So it was only fitting that she'd venture into maternity wear.

Her new line, which launches next fall, is an expansion of her current collection of cute sports apparel, Touch by Alyssa Milano. (If you've ever had trouble finding a flattering way to support your fave sports team, you seriously need to check it out.) We caught up with the designer, Marta Brandysiewicz, to learn more about the launch, and how you can master the casual-cute look in any trimester.

What inspired this maternity line?

During her pregnancies with Milo and Elizabella, Alyssa realized how hard it could be to be stylish and comfortable while showing off her baby bump. She also recognized that there were very few options for expectant female sports fans in the market. Being a huge proponent of empowering women, she wanted Touch to be available to all women, at all stages of life.

Alyssa and I took inspiration from the regular Touch collection, but we definitely wanted to design a special capsule line specifically for Maternity. We took elements of the original line (the handwriting, great quality fabrics, super soft washes, interesting detailing and embellishments) and translated them into silhouettes that are designed to flatter and fit pregnant women.

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What makes this line particularly comfortable for pregnant women?

First, we wanted to make sure the cuts were flattering for an expectant woman's body. That's why we added ruching to side seams to accommodate growing baby bumps. We also paid special attention to the fabrics we used, using cotton/spandex blends for stretch and comfort and cutting fabrics on the bias for better drape. We used various washing techniques on the fabrics to ensure they were soft to the touch.

What's this biggest mistake pregnant women make when it comes to casual wear?

Hiding in oversized, tent-like clothing, when they could be embracing their baby bumps in many tasteful and flattering ways.

How can pregnant women dress comfortably, while still looking "put-together"?

There's no need to sacrifice style for comfort: Keep lines clean and simple, choose stretch jersey dresses that help show off your baby bump and opt for solid colors or simple prints. It's also worth investing in a great pair of maternity jeans that you can dress up or dress down with different tops and shoes.

In your opinion, what's the perfect causal weekend outfit for pregnant women?

I would definitely say our Half Time Tee worn with a great pair of slim-fit, stretch jeans and a pair of comfortable but stylish wedge sneakers!

What has it been like to work with Alyssa Milano?

Working with Alyssa is great—she's very involved in the whole process, and she's a true sports fan who's passionate about bringing only the best product to our customers. We are both very detail driven; we seek out the best fabrics and try to interpret trends in a meaningful and relatable way for the sports licensing category—so that our customers always look and feel amazing while showing their teams some serious love!