Alyssa Milano Interview on Pregnancy and Motherhood

Behind the scenes at her Fit Pregnancy cover shoot, actress, author, mother, and television host Alyssa Milano shares the secrets of her blissful second pregnancy.


I analysts and alana and I am proud to be on the August September coverage at that pregnant they. I was a big fan of that magazine my first pregnancy. So it to be on the cover and it's a good bit allegation that I'm doing things correctly but if if if you have such a fun day thanks. Figure out how we were gonna addressed the bomb since I was firm and that are really Sunday this time is so. Fleet. New motherhood in such a small fraction of your life. And you really appreciated that I made a very conscious decision. To just enjoy this pregnancy and have faith in the fact that my body will do what some questions. I even taking care of myself by eating. Super healthy eating very again very clean I was a good chance of where this pregnancy actually. Creeping me I'm craving fruit and then the I really just try to listen my body. As far as food or deprive myself of anything like you know I feel like me it's. I spend his influence you know it's coming from accounts that have and to except that of the early I'm a bit. You can check it really clean and as far as fitness I do prenatal yoga and prenatal bodies and I walk toddler. Which just came off. And when I'm working. I just try to do little things like if I can't get that chance that my classes I do things like he stares. He he really have to change everything. No matter how hard it is or how tired you. When my kids in college imminent missile 3 AM wake up its pressure.

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