Alyssa Milano Posts Adorable Breastfeeding Pic

Never one to worry about people seeing her nursing in public, Alyssa Milano shared another great breastfeeding pic—this time before her appearance on The Talk.

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Alyssa Milano, we salute you! Never one to be coy about breastfeeding in public, the Fit Pregnancy cover star is proudly at it again—this time sharing an adorable picture of her nursing her 6-month-old daughter Elizabella Dylan on Instagram before her appearance on The Talk.

"Make-up, hair in rollers, breastfeeding and being prepped by our producer for #TheTalk," she wrote in the caption.

A well known advocate of the importance of nursing (and doing it wherever and whenever Baby needs it), Milano has posted similar pics of her breastfeeding her daughter before. And she isn't the only celebrity to post share a breastfeeding selfie. Everyone from Jaime King to Miranda Kerr has had their nursing-and-proud moment, with Gisele Bundchen leading the trend with her glam breastfeeding shot from 2013.

Like her celeb peers, Milano doesn't take any guff for having a totally natural mother-baby moment and is quick to respond to critics who clutch their pearls at the mere glimpse of a nipple. "Who are we, that now we get upset as human beings if we see a woman feeding her baby? It's crazy to me," she told The Talk in December.

In November, referencing Kim Kardashian's famous breaking-the-internet moment, Milano tweeted: "No disrespect to Kim but... people are offended by my breastfeeding selfies & are fine with her (amazing) booty cover?"

We've said it before and we'll say it again: You go, mama! Here at Fit Pregnancy we are all about being out and proud with your breastfeeding and pumping. Heck, even if that means doing it while driving (safety first, of course!). Nursing is the most natural, healthiest option for feeding your baby. And while you shouldn't beat yourself up if you can't do it, if you are able to breastfeed, why not take a page out of Milano's book and shout it from the rooftops (or the top of your Twitter feed, anyway). #vivalabreast

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