Amanda Palmer Breastfeeds Like a Boss at Book-Signing

Writer, activist, and singer-songwriter, Amanda Palmer is busy signing books ... and breastfeeding at the same time. Yet another celeb to #normalizebreastfeeding.

Amanda Palmer Breastfeeds Like a Boss at Book-Signing yakub88/

Singer, songwriter, writer, and activist, Amanda Palmer just published her first book: The Art of Asking. And while she was doing a different kind of tour than she's used to, she was busy breastfeeding her baby, Anthony, at a book signing.

Can we get a hell f***ing yeah for another celeb who is trying to normalize breastfeeding?

While Palmer is best known for her American singer-songwriter days as one half of The Dresden Dolls and then her solo career, Evelyn Evelyn, these days, she's busy writing and raising her family with husband author Neil Gaiman. It doesn't surprise us that such an outspoken woman would become an outspoken mom who stands up against societal norms that go with becoming a mother. She published the photo below on Facebook with the caption, "new adventures in multitasking... breastfeeding + book-signing at the Boston Book Festival 'art of asking' paperback event last night (someone got hungry, i won't say who)..."

And soon she was flooded with—surprisingly—positive comments. One woman wrote: "Thank you for normalizing breastfeeding! I'm nursing an 11-month-old and I still sometimes get anxious about it bc I'm afraid of being shamed." Awesomely, Palmer responded to the commenter, giving some advice: "Do it with no shame! i've found that when you act like it is the most normal thing in the world (which, by the way, it is), everybody follows suit."

She also supported a mother and was honest about the not-so-glam part of her life. A reader said: "Can you not look so gorgeous? I had my baby a few days before you and I'm over her looking like a swamprat with a milk stain on my shirt bahaha" and Palmer responded, "Dude. I've been lactating all over everything including that dress you see. Why do you think I chose black and a complicated pattern?"

We could list ten more awesome examples, but you should really go see the thread for yourself. It's refreshing—and empowering—to see a celeb mom defend being a normal mom. Baby's hungry? Baby eats. Even if you're at a book signing. Awesome, Amanda F***ing Palmer.