Antonio Cromartie Has Twins Vasectomy Fail

The athlete had a vasectomy—but in October, his wife went in to the hospital with stomach cramps, only to learn she's pregnant with twins. Guess it's not impossible.

Antonio Cromartie Has Twins Vasectomy Fail lev radin/

New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie and wife, Terricka Cromartie are expecting twins!

The news shocked the pair, especially when you consider that Antonio has had a vasectomy. Despite the procedure, Terricka found herself with terrible cramps back in October. They went to the hospital, where the football wife learned she was pregnant.

"I really thought I was dreaming, even after, I was just in total disbelief," Terricka said of the pregnancy, according to Us Weekly. "I didn't even tell Antonio right away because I didn't think it was possible. I was going back and forth in my head how it could even happen. In my head we were good to go, we were having free sex! I just really thought that his procedure was the best protection you could have at this point."

The 31-year-old football player was just as shocked. "Originally, he was like, 'Oh, s--t! Are you serious? How did this happen?'" Terricka said of her husband's reaction to the news. "It was shocking news for the both of us. It took me a while to process it, but Antonio stood firm and was saying, 'It's God's will.' And he's been excited the whole time."

Antonio will welcome two new children to his growing brood: He's already father to two children with Terricka (Jurzie, 5, and Jack, 3) as well as eight other children from other relationships.

Terricka wants to make one thing clear: She's not here for the haters who have attacked her husband, whom she calls an "amazing dad."

"To be honest, I've gone back and forth about if I wanted to share the news or not," she said. "All my children are blessings and all of Antonio's children are blessings, for that matter. It was made to seem that my children weren't a blessing because they were categorized by a number, and for that reason and that reason alone, I hid both of my [first two] pregnancies with my husband, just so I could enjoy them with those who were really happy for me."