Atlanta Braves Player's Gender Reveal a Big Hit

This seriously might be the most career-appropriate gender reveal we've ever seen. You have to see what baseball playing dad-to-be Freddie Freeman just did.

Atlanta Braves Player's Gender Reveal a Big Hit chelseafree5/Twitter

It was truly a gender reveal fit for a baseball player! Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman and his wife are expecting a baby—they didn't know the baby's sex, but they learned in a truly cool, creative and career-appropriate way.

The all-star player and his wife, Chelsea, chose a baseball-inspired method for learning the sex of their child. Chelsea threw a ball, which Freddie easily hit—the ball was filled with either blue or pink powder, and when hit, it exploded to reveal which color powder was inside.

Are the Freemans expecting a boy or a girl? Watch to find out.