Behind the Scenes at Kourtney Kardashian's Natural Health Cover Shoot

On the set of her Natural Health Magazine cover shoot, Kourtney Kardashian shares the secrets of her healthy look and lifestyle.


Hi I am quite pat cash in and am so happy to be on the cover of not child health. I try to do everything and now felons the Vaughn and I haven't been very healthy lifestyles it's really important and needs to be on the cover. I believe he may have passed through his heat. In my house. As I panic and how it's possible off and think that's a few exiting the plane now that it hard to find restaurants that really. Spoke at the time being helped me I'm confident he getting more information from people about that. Different products that are could be a bad thing isn't try to incorporate that into my life. Being pregnant sat in that time mark mindset of what it remains my body. Every time and that some went out and make him I am cleaning up their pantry and telling them what kind of that they need to be buying her house it is the I sat there. Like the thing is that it's very gentle that they actually do listen to me Annie. The product that is amazing. I think this helped them change that one little thing makes me happy.

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