Behind the Scenes With Ali Landry

Ali Landry has beauty, brains and a passion for motherhood. She dishes on her pregnancy at the cover shoot for Fit Pregnancy magazine.


It is it. Absolute honor premiums in the cover of this magazine ads of him it's happening I'm turning forty this year might. He plans to going to girl's trip from my fortieth birthday it was so excited got obviously had a different and for me now and we haven't. I very day we both come from families of three my husband history boys I'm the oldest in the end your brother or sister so we always really wanted. Three children just to think it happens at that surprising me I really like it when I'm pregnant it's like I said a slowdown. I'm I'm aware of what I thought in. Needs nutrition me I rest when I need to press and I actually really loved that very few I thought I love being in the hospital because I. Let people take care from me they're pushing processed I love my son who was what pushed. He was out I feel so strong in the moment this is the real pay off is giving birth a baby.

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