Behind the Scenes with Stacy Keibler

From the set of her Fit Pregnancy cover shoot, mama-to-be, and fitness guru, Stacy Keibler shares the secrets to maintaining her healthy pregnancy glow.


Hi this is Stacey people and nearly fit pregnancy. Even the cover that pregnancy is such a special opportunity. And I really hope to inspire. Confidence in expecting others. My husband and I are couple that Sarah Joyce together so I didn't want it taken and passed and it is tough and so we actually were we thought that we would be expecting. We did it together and I'm not exactly. Luckily enough I have not had any strange craving at all so no pickles for me. And we pregnancy I've been very active I work out every day that I can I've been working out with my trainer known not to me Pilates. Muscles Tony and work out sometimes four times a week I go walking every single day at least what I've been. And I go hiking and just started me off. And tennis sell I like to keep my heart rate up a little bit today also I think meditation is an exercise of the mind sounds. After them strong minded non stop by. What's surprised even the most about being pregnant is. How I look towards the future every little decision and how. There's so many trees to be made now. I hope that any investments into. What I look like two knows about motherhood is rallying with my child growing as beat me as a teacher as an adult with my child. And I hope that I can have the proper balance. Love and discipline.

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