Ben McKenzie Shares Secret to More Sleep as a New Dad

The actor is candid about his family's choice to employ a baby nurse—and they couldn't be happier with their decision.

Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin have a six-month-old baby...and they're surprisingly well-rested considering. Why? Because they hired a night nurse. 

The actor appeared on Live! With Kelly to discuss his role as a new father to Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan. "I'm a dad! [It happened] six months ago. She's six months old...we're finally sleeping," he said.

After Kelly Ripa commented on how quickly that happened, Ben made a confession: "It actually was very quick. We hired a night nurse, have you guys heard of that?" he said.

The Gotham star went on to explain the night nurse's function. "It's so great, you gotta do it" he raved. "They stay up with the baby during the first couple of weeks when the baby is really up all the time. They wake up my lady to get her to feed the baby, but between times when the baby can be really cranky and fussy, they're on it."

But despite help from the night nurse (and additional daytime nanny), Ben insists he's a hands-on dad. "Diapers have been a challenge but I'm embracing it. It's pretty magical," he said.

Obviously, it seems like a pretty pricey move, one reserved for successful TV stars (and residents of wealthy Newport Beach, where Ben's show the The OC was set!) Unattainable as this lifestyle may be, it is great that Ben and Morena are happy with their choices. Ultimately we all just have to find parenting strategies that work for our budgets, lifestyles and children. If this is the best move for their family, we say more power to them.

What do you think of Ben and Morena's decision to hire a nanny and night nurse? Would you do it if you had the money? Did you strech your budget so you could enlist some help at home?