Bethany Hamilton Gets Real About Mom Bodies

Bethany Hamilton—the inspiring survivor, talented surfer and new mom—has taken to Instagram to stand-up for mamas everywhere. This time she tackles the "mom body."

Bethany Hamilton Gets Real About Mom Bodies Instagram

As if Bethany Hamilton wasn't already inspiring as a survivor, talented surfer and new mom, now she's taking to Instagram to stand-up for mamas everywhere. The 25-year-old mother of two-month old Tobias shared a photo displaying a (small!) postpartum bump and wrote how she thinks it's 'silly' that women worry about their bodies when they're pregnant.

...and maybe even sillier that so many people have opinions about how many people have an opinion on how quickly someone should whip back into shape after giving birth.

In her inspiring post—with a surf board and rash guard, overlooking the sea—she wrote: "It's natural and HEALTHY to gain weight. Here I am two months after giving birth to Tobias. I feel great and healthy! It takes 9 months for our bodies to change and grow. So I can say it's alright to take your time, maybe about 9 months, to get back to the new, healthy, beautiful, and normal you."

To get back to her pre-baby weight and health, Hamilton is doing what she loves: surfing. And though we're not sure Tobias is old enough (yet!) to join his mom on the surf board, he's been getting a little practice hanging out near his mom's first-choice of transportation. We're cheering for Hamilton as she competes in a surfing competition this September—and for being such a powerful voice for women and mothers.

She's right—there's nothing more magical than bringing life into this world, and how our bodies look after that change isn't up to anyone to decide.

Hang ten, Hamilton, hang ten.