Beyoncé Continues to Slay Pregnancy in New Maternity Photos

Yup. Beyoncé is still one insanely chic mama-to-be, and she's putting her twin pregnancy on display in a recent round of maternity photos.

Beyonce Maternity Style Stirs Up Fan Theories on Twins' Gender

There was never any doubt that Beyoncé would stay fierce as ever throughout her pregnancy, but just in case you needed a reminder, here it is: a fresh round of photos of Bey rocking her bump. 

Bey is known for being tight-lipped about her personal life, and she's conducting her pregnancy in a characteristically mysterious way. While she hasn't filled us in on how far along she is, when her babies are due or whether they're boys, girls—or one of each!—fans are drawing plenty of clues from the photos she posts.

Beyoncé shared photos of her posed in a gorgeous deep blue gown and a pink trench coat—and since fans know Bey is the master of dropping hints, this led them to speculate she's carrying one boy and one girl. There's plenty of floral imagery throughout, which leads followers to believe she'll pick flower-inspired names for the twins. (Not a huge stretch, since her first child, Blue Ivy, sports a nature-themed name.) She certainly has tons of options if she opts to go this route—Violet, Dahlia, Camellia and Florian are all gorgeous picks with floral significance.

But we say whether she's having two boys, two girls or one of each, one thing is absolutely certain: With every photo she releases, Beyonce proves that pregnant women are strong and sexy and in control.