Is Beyonce Pregnant?

The beach photo that Beyonce just shared on Instagram has everyone wondering if little Blue Ivy might soon be a big sister. See the photo and decide for yourself.

Is Beyonce Pregnant? SartorialPhoto/Splash News

Social media surprise pregnancy announcement tease—or just a cute family day at the beach pic? That's the question that has Beyoncé fans (and the entire internet) all atwitter today. Mrs. Jay-Z Carter and mom to 3-year-old Blue Ivy posted the photo below on Instagram Sunday, in which she's buried in sand, complete with a giant belly, that many are equating to a serious baby bump. People Celebrity Moms & Babies reports Beyoncé has not responded to a comment request, but another Instagram shot posted two weeks ago and showing the singer skydiving, has others questioning whether she'd really flying through the clouds if she's pregnant. (For what it's worth, the skydiving site says that skydiving in pregnancy is possible, but there are obviously plenty of safety issues to consider and that most doctors would tell you not to do it.) On the other hand, Bey has been spotted in clothing that seems to cover a possibly, maybe emerging bump. See the photos and decide for yourself. We're not gonna lie: We'd be so excited for a little brother or sis for Blue. After all, she needs someone to share all this rainbow layer cake with, right?