Beyonce Takes Maternity Style to the Next Level at the Grammys...Twice

Did the twin-mom-to-be just rock the maternity dress to end all maternity dresses—twice in the same night?

Beyonce Grammy Awards Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
She's expecting two babies, so it's really no wonder that Beyoncé slayed maternity style twice during the Grammys—both on the red carpet and yet again during her much-discussed performance later in the night. And just days after Beyoncé slashed a social media record with the pregnancy announcement to end all pregnancy announcements, we have to ask—did the mama just take maternity style to a whole new level?

Beyoncé walked the red carpet in a body-skimming sequin-covered gown that put her growing baby bump (and cleavage) on full display—showing that you can look smoking even if you're expecting. That wasn't the only time her belly took the spotlight, though: Bey also let her bump do the talking in the showstopping sheer gold gown she chose for her performance later in the night.

It's fitting too—her performance was, more than anything, an ode to motherhood. We spent hours trying to draw every last bit of meaning from that epic pregnancy reveal—we even wondered why she didn't wait until the Grammys to reveal her baby bump, as she did at the 2011 MTV Music Awards. Last night, though, it all seemed to come full circle: Beyoncé packed her performance full of messages about the nature of motherhood, and she even recreated scenes from the iconic announcement onstage.

But Beyoncé's message came through loud and clear even when she wasn't on stage: that moms-to-be can be glamorous and sexy and vibrant—because, news flash: Pregnant women are of all those things. We live in a world in which mothers are constantly judged for showing skin and embracing their bodies. They're told that they need to cover up and mask those beautiful curves.

But Beyoncé managed to shut the notion down without a single word on the red carpet—and when it came time for her performance, she made big statements about the immensity of motherhood. Whether you preferred the red gown or the gold performance number, it's pretty clear that Beyoncé came to change the maternity style game. Mission accomplished.