'Big Bang Theory' Star Announces Pregnancy, Reveals Prior Miscarriage

Melissa Rauch just announced her pregnancy in a heartfelt essay—but she also shared some difficult news, and we're applauding the actress for her bravery.

Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch is expecting her first child —and the actress is overjoyed to share her news. But that doesn't mean it's all been easy for the mom-to-be.

Melissa penned an emotional essay to announce her pregnancy and reveal the tough road she walked to reach this point. Melissa shared that this isn't her first pregnancy: She conceived once before but she miscarried—and because of that, she is "pretty much terrified" that history will repeat itself.

It's a sentiment so many to-be mothers understand. There's a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety that colors a pregnancy after miscarriage, and Melissa tackled that feeling with grace and sensitivity. She didn't shy away from revealing painful details behind her struggle to get and stay pregnant—to put it simply? She told her whole story. This pregnancy announcement didn't just take the form of a pretty picture posted to social media; it revealed what so many women really face on the way to motherhood. 

"When I thought about having to share the news about expecting this baby, all I could think about was another woman mourning over her loss as I did, worried she would never get pregnant again, and reading about my little bundle on the way. It felt a bit disingenuous to not also share the struggle it took for me to get here," Melissa wrote in her essay, which was published by Glamour. "Just to be clear, I’m not saying everyone who publicly announces cheerful news should also report the crummy journey they embarked on before getting to the other side of it. I personally just wanted to express what I’ve experienced in the hopes that it could—in some small way—help someone going through a similar pain. Ideally, the more we talk about this issue, the more we can chip away at the unnecessary stigma around it, with the end result being that those of us struggling with loss and infertility will feel less alone. Perhaps with increased overall awareness, women dealing with these extremely challenging circumstances won’t feel like they’re getting sucker punched in the uterus by well-intentioned people."

Melissa's entire essay is a heartbreakingly honest account of what she went through, and it surely touched so many women who have faced similar experiences. Interestingly enough, Melissa's Big Bang Theory character introduced a similarly relatable storyline on the show.

We were blown away that Melissa shared her entire story. It couldn't have been easy, but trust us on this: Her essay is worth reading in full. The actress discussed the hormones, the emotions, the pain, the societal pressures...everything. Bravo to this mom-to-be for sharing the joys and the sorrows of her story.