Blac Chyna Follows in Kim Kardashian's Footsteps With Pre-Pregnancy Throwback Photo

Blac Chyna posted a nude photograph of pre-pregnancy body with a comment indicating she can't wait to "bounce back" after baby. But is "bouncing back" really what moms need to think about days before they give birth?

Blac Chyna is just days away from her due date—but instead of stressing about labor, the 28-year-old appears to be feeling some nostalgia for her pre-pregnancy body. She posted a nude shot of herself before her pregnancy with a simple one-word caption: "Soon."

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Soon 😎

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Now, Chyna's social media platform is her business, and she has every right to express her desire to snap back to pre-pregnancy shape if that's what she wants. But we can't help but wonder why women feel so much pressure to get back to their pre-baby bodies in record time. It's certainly a more pervasive mindset among Hollywood moms, but it's a sentiment that so many women face.

Is it normal to want to get that pre-baby body back after you give birth? Sure. Everyone wants to look and feel great—and it can be tough to adjust any time your body changes dramatically in a relatively short time span (hello, pregnancy). But here's the thing: In the grand scheme of things, how much weight you lose after delivery—and especially how quickly you lose it—are just not that important, especially when compared to the total life-altering magic that occurs when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time.

Chyna is certainly not the first mom, famous or otherwise, to dream of her pre-baby body ahead of her due date. In fact, the shot is reminiscent of something her future sister-in-law, Kim Kardashian West, shared just months after she welcomed her son, Saint. Like Chyna, Kim was nude in the shot—it's not clear whether this was a pre-pregnancy shot or an image of the mom just a few months postpartum.

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When you're like I have nothing to wear LOL

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We also wonder what sort of message this sends to other new moms. Do they see these images and believe they need to look the way the famous ladies do? Let's remember that the playing field isn't quite even: Celebrities have access to pricey childcare, nutritionists, personal trainers...these are luxuries the rest of us don't always have, and that simple fact just makes it even more unfair when celebrities set these sort of standards regarding postpartum bodies.

Ultimately, this is sort of a complicated issue. It's Chyna's body, her Instagram feed, her business. On the other hand, we're kind of over this whole obsession with "snapping back" after baby. It puts undue pressure on new moms (who are already facing plenty of pressure to begin with), and it sets expectations that aren't realistic for everyone. 

You have enough things to worry about in those final days of pregnancy. Bouncing back doesn't need to be one of them.