Blac Chyna Just Showed Us How Much Pregnancy Weight She's Gained

The Kardashian clan mama-to-be is proving to her critics how little she cares about what they think about her pregnancy weight gain.

Pregnant Blac Chyna at May 2016 Birthday Celebration JB Lacroix/Getty Images
Blac Chyna—who has a baby on the way with fiancé Rob Kardashian—seems to be taking a page out of the Chrissy Teigen no-holds-barred playbook when it comes to documenting her pregnancy on social media.

The mama-to-be hasn't been shy about showing off her baby bump, or schooling all the haters who show up in droves when she does, calling her everything from "fat" and "ugly" to "disgusting" and "obese."

"I AM HAVING A BABY!," Blac Chyna fired back. "Exactly what do you expect to see?!"


Bodyshamers be damned, the 28-year-old model got real with her followers again over the weekend—this time, with a Snapchat video that showed her casually hopping on a digital scale, which then returned the result of 163.2 pounds.

"Uh oh...Mommy gained 20 pounds!" Chyna told King Cairo, her three-year-old son with ex Tyga, who was running around behind her. She then posted a still shot of the scale's read out and punctuated it with a sad face emoji.

Blac Chyna pregnancy weight gain on scale Blac Chyna/Snapchat

So far, Chyna's kept both her starting weight and the baby's due date on the down-low, so we really have no way of knowing if this extra 20 poundage puts her within the doctor-recommended average weight gain range of 25 to 35 pounds or not. But either way, we're glad she doesn't seem to be stressing about the scale too much. After all, that range is just an average. I gained less than that while pregnant with my daughter, and almost double that while pregnant with my son. Not only did I give birth to two healthy, happy little babes, but it took me the exact same number of months to lose the weight each time.

We think it's pretty amazing that Blac Chyna is not afraid to share her pregnancy weight gain—and that cute little butterfly tattoo on her foot—with the world, especially considering this type of transparency will most likely be fodder for all her haters. Better to just beat them to the punch, right?

You just keep doing you, Chyna! And we'll just be right here watching and cheering you on.