Blake Lively Has Expensive Diaper Bag Taste

There's a leather diaper bag for sale on Preserve, the e-commerce site headed up by actress Blake Lively, and it's going for more than some people's rent.

Blake Lively Has Expensive Diaper Bag Taste Debby Wong/

Quick: List the things in your diaper bag. A change of onesie, extra diapers, some rash cream, dried up Cheerios, maybe some lip balm and a toy to distract your kiddo at the table, right? Now quick, think again: What's the most amount of money you'd spend on said diaper bag?

If you're Blake Lively, the going price for an everyday bag that transports your baby gear is a whopping $860. Yep, depending on where you live, it could be your rent or double the amount of mortgage.

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According to Lively's lifestyle and e-commerce site, Preserve, the now sold-out bag is named after her 8-month-old daughter, James, and features some interesting design features. Not only is the diaper bag made of premium Horween leather (which obviously goes with spit-up!), but it has imported RiRi zippers from Switzerland, too. Now, we understand that Blake's taste is a little more high-end and that she has the income to support an expensive bag, but we'd like to put her babe in front of that bag for an hour and see what happens.

More so, we'd like to consider all the things we could buy for $860: 478 baby onesies from Gerber, 9 Grand Central Take-it-All Diaper Bags from Skip Hop or 4,387 diapers from

When it comes to fancy, expensive bags, we'd like to keep what we take out for a special event, to the office or paired with a cocktail dress separate from what the rash cream and bottles go in. Then again, we aren't married to Ryan Reynolds. Sigh.