Blake Lively Has Great News for Second-Time Moms

The actress shares what it's like to be pregnant with baby #2. 

Blake Lively Pregnant 2016 Instagram

Blake Lively makes pregnancy look good. We learned that when she was carrying daughter James in 2014—but we're even more convinced of it now that she's expecting her second child with hubby Ryan Reynolds. The star doesn't just look gorgeous as ever, she also appears to have tons of energy and a great attitude...which is especially impressive when you consider that she also has a child at home and a recently-released movie, The Shallows.

What's her secret? During an appearance on Live With KellyBlake told Kelly Ripa that her second pregnancy has just been "much, much easier" than her first. “It’s a lot faster,” she said, echoing what many moms of two can relate to. “You get bigger faster, too, which has been nice to try to fit into clothing strategically.”  

Speaking of clothes, the fashion icon also shared that haute couture isn't exactly her go-to at the moment. “I feel good, I feel fancy," she said of wearing a maxi dress for her appearance. "I’m usually home in pajamas all the time."

On screen, though, you won't see Blake in PJs. In fact, she's bikini-clad for much of The Shallows, which is especially impressive when you consider the timeline: "I did [the movie] ten months after [having baby James]," Blake confessed, adding that she had special help in the fitness department. "That was an eight-week period of my life," she explained. "I'm lucky to have an amazing trainer who just kicked my butt and you know, that movie was an athletic event as much as it was an acting job. They didn't hire a stunt double until the last two weeks. It was just insane."