Brie Bella Shares Labor Photos and The Secret to Surviving New Motherhood

Brie Bella recorded a new video about her experience with childbirth and early motherhood—and shared her tips for surviving and thriving through it all.

Former Fit Pregnancy and Baby cover girl Brie Bella is known for being super tough in the wrestling ring—but even this fierce mama admits that labor and early motherhood are harder than she expected. Brie recorded a video detailing her birth story and her tips to navigating the postpartum period—she tells all about the good, the bad and the painful.

"Something I feel like you don't realize is how hard labor can be, but also all the people who really support you in labor," she says. Brie credited her husband, Daniel Bryan, for sticking right by her side throughout the entire 21-hour process. Her sister and doula were there for most of the birth as well, to support Brie through the pain and fear so many women experience during childbirth. It's important to have people who can help you through the process—whether it's your baby's father, your friends, or a birthing professional.

But for Brie, the need for support didn't end with childbirth. She also opened up about what those days of early motherhood are really like—and how you'll need plenty of help and support even after you've given birth. "I had a postpartum doula help me afterwards, just helping me understand motherhood and being a first-time mom," Brie says in the video. "For some reason in the modern world we feel like we have to do everything alone, and we have to be supermom, and we don't. Our first 40 days are all about healing."

Other topics Brie tackles in the video? New mom anxiety, the importance of listening to your body where physical exertion is concerned, and her advice for fellow new moms. "It's okay to ask for help. I do it all the time," Brie says. "It's also okay to have a whole group of people helping you out. 'Cause this little thing? She might weigh almost 10 pounds, but she consumes all 24 hours of a day."