Can We Stop Speculating About Celebrity Pregnancies Already?

Kourtney Kardashian and Jenna Bush Hager are two of the most recent celebrities to face baby bump rumors—here's why it needs to stop.

Jenna Bush Hager - Pregnancy Rumor Venturelli/Getty Images
We know better than to go up to a perfect stranger and ask her if she's pregnant—so why can't we apply that same level of decency to celebrities? 

Being in the public eye has some serious drawbacks, including having to deal with little to no privacy. Celebrities' relationships are scrutinized and discussed ad nauseam. Their photos are posted without their approval or permission. And for female celebs, there's a near-constant bump watch, as any bulge in that area leads to a frenzy of speculation that a star is pregnant.

Pregnancy is such an incredibly personal thing, and all parents-to-be should be able to announce their happy news themselves. For us to start or spread rumors about whether or not a star is expecting is just not acceptable, yet it happens time after time. Most recently, Jenna Bush Hager became the victim of pregnancy rumors—the former first daughter personally addressed the speculation, which began after she wore a tight gown to the Golden Globes. "No. I'm not pregnant, and I do not reply," she said on the Today show. "Because how do you reply other than saying, 'Thank you very much. No, I'm not. That was just a large dinner last night.'"

But Jenna's not the only star tired of the bump watches. Media outlets are currently reporting that Kourtney Kardashian is expecting her fourth child, despite a complete lack of any confirmation. And Jennifer Aniston is among the most vocal when it comes to discussing how unfair this phenomena is, and Kourtney's sister Khloé Kardashian recently told E! News she's "been pregnant for...eight years now," according to tabloid fodder. And a few years back, Jennifer Garner ended a round of baby speculation by announcing on Ellen that her "baby bump will be around forever—so deal with it." (After three kids, a flat stomach is pretty much unachievable.)

Ultimately, a woman's pregnancy is not our business. Yes, we can follow celebrities and be curious about their lives—but we have to remember that pregnant women have the right to disclose their big news when and how they see fit. Whether they do it on social media, by debuting a growing bump at a red carpet event or just before they're set to deliver is up to them. Let's keep it that way.