Carrie Underwood: 'Motherhood Is Easy'

It seems that being a mom is way easier than Carrie Underwood ever thought. Either that or she and husband Mike Fisher lucked out with baby Isaiah.

Carrie Underwood: 'Motherhood Is Easy' Debby Wong/

It's good to be Carrie Underwood.

Beautiful and talented, the singing star has been wowing her fans with her post-pregnancy body. Looking stunning at this week's CMT Music Awards in a white minidress from designer Thomas Wylde, she dominated the night, fresh on the heels of maternity leave, sweeping three categories and becoming the most honored artist in the history of the annual country awards show.

This is all alongside her other full-time role: as a new mom—she gave birth to her first child, son, Isaiah, three-and-a-half months ago. And much like her music career, she tells People, motherhood is going better than she could have ever imagined.

"I think I honestly expected—it's gonna sound weird—but I expected the worst," she tells the magazine. "I've never been around babies before, to be honest, but he's so laid-back!"

Married to professional hockey player Mike Fisher since 2010, Underwood, 32, tells People the couple is laid-back when it comes to parenting and Isaiah is a laid-back baby.

"It surprised me that it's a little easier than I thought it was gonna be," she says. "I think I just expected, like, screaming, crying baby all the time, and he's just happy and smiley and gorgeous."

And, Underwood says, he's sweetest when he first wakes up (but he's pretty adorable at nap time too, as evidenced by this Instagram snapshot).

"He is smiley and laugh-y and happy and cuddly and that hour, the first hour he's awake, is just the best," she tells People.

Actually, let's swap that. It's not just good to be Carrie Underwood, it's really, really good.