Carrie Underwood Snaps Daddy/Baby Moment

Looks like Father's Day has come early for the Underwood/Fisher household, if this photo by Carrie Underwood of baby Isaiah and dad Mike Fisher is anything to go by.

Carrie Underwood Snaps Daddy/Baby Moment DFree/

It's official: we're stalking Carrie Underwood's Instagram. Why? She's raising the bar pretty high on adorable father/baby photos lately. (There's nothing hotter than a man who loves his baby, right?)

This weekend, Carrie posted the sweet shot below of her three-month old, Isaiah, and her handsome hockey-playing hubby, Mike Fisher, taking a nap together. We're not sure what we love more: The fact that her fam tags along to band practice, Isaiah's too-big-for-his-head headphones or the matching side profiles. We vote for all three—and we're sure her biggest fans will be cheering for her (or waking up from a nap) when she performs at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday.

It seems like these two bring the double "aww!" factor pretty often—just a few weeks ago, Underwood shared a photo of Isaiah holding daddy's hockey stick while sleeping. And she regrammed a selfie Mike took—where they have the same expression!

Anyone else holding their breath until she posts a Father's Day post in a couple weeks? We are...