Carrie Underwood Talks Baby Weight Loss

Country star Carrie Underwood speaks out on body image, losing the baby weight and says she feels better than ever since having her baby, Isaiah, last February.

Carrie Underwood Talks Baby Weight Loss Helga Esteb/

For many women, when it comes to looking back at photos of themselves from 10 years ago—before the kids, busy careers and even busier weekends were added to the mix—a new appreciation for their former bodies is cemented.

But for country superstar Carrie Underwood, looking better comes with age. However, it wasn't always an easy journey to body image acceptance, the singer and mom of Isaiah, 7 months, tells People magazine.

"I knew that I weighed more than I had ever weighed before," she tells the magazine of her days on American Idol, now a decade ago. "But then as soon as you start making little tweaks, people immediately go, 'You look so great!' Then you start wondering, 'How bad did I look before?' Then it's like, 'Well, I guess I should keep on going.' Then you start eating less."

Now 32, Underwood tells People she used weight-loss supplements back then, although she says she wasn't intentionally trying to get skinny, noting that she thought 20 minutes on the elliptical was an "awesome" workout.

"I was taking things with ephedra in it," she tells the magazine. "It wasn't the best way. If I could go back and talk to myself I'd be like, 'Here's how you do it the right way.' ... I wasn't eating enough calories, but it wasn't because I was trying to starve myself. I just didn't know how many calories I should be eating."

It's all about a healthy lifestyle today, Underwood, a vegan, tells People, which includes daily workouts.

"I weigh more than I did when I was at my smallest, but I have a lot more muscle tone," she tells the magazine, adding that "for some reason, I feel leaner after [giving birth]. It's really strange the way my body has reacted to exercise after having him. I feel like my bum's a little nicer than it used to be."

We'll have what she's having.