Casey Wilson Behind-the-Scenes Video


I'm keeping open and welcome to my fit pregnancy cover issues. Oh well. It means quite a bit for me to be on the cover different yet never gonna cover before so I'm so excited to be here and it just I love the magazine and I got pregnant and now. Can you get pregnant magazine and I found it loved reading it and everything the thing out there and registry I think. Don't really and I think they get really great in the Mankins got dignity. Lincoln's great pictures great articles great information. And you know looking at man. And the lineage of Portland. Powerful moment pregnancy has changed my early but my husband actually and feeling really good way. Which I root wasn't totally expecting I love having very much but I feel we've gotten so much Anderson I got pregnant I was told me about pregnancies. Honestly how hard it can be. I think I'm in my second trimester that dream and I and people coming at me hard but it's pretty hard working. Nice things that I don't feel any island ami was that your body and against this new natural boundary Iran that the you would ever work twenty hour while it pleases you want and I'm happy to be hearing your bodies of no use. That's a wrap the pregnancy message board. Have made me laugh so hard. They're just wild and women are fighting each other left Friday and there's so much information out there but that some kind of stumbled on to win this it means that it verbally and over like someone's child payment they're thinking I like. Some of them like you guys that I had people telling people like you cook. And it was so crazy in the things I've seen a lot of matches I think we have haven't had any pregnancy meltdown yet. I had I had one big plans at work I work about fifteen hours and hours hitting Joker theme. And I didn't really take into account that I was shooting it in amateur Jamie Graham and yoga class and had to obviously over and over and over but I think our community and business. To. Home. I was the only optimistic left and the right before I honestly I and it's you know my husband. I was so overwhelmed those having complete non it was announced on a icann and I let that rock bottom and I play under the law and as if they for an we hit it. Thank it hasn't let. Abusing her home. I don't have been sent sent rigid plan but I would like to write to see how I'm doing everything off on the east now. I'd like to see if I can do without tags that. I think in the witness. I have I have always wanted to have kids. Well and I've made it at a time at college and there's a frequent are like I don't know playing mean to have kids of course that passed and I think we have an I I always handled. You know I love acting style of writing and in my career and it felt very strongly that I didn't I wanted to be careful I. Didn't kind of missed the wind or anything because it. I am looking forward the most about being a mom obviously. Meeting my son of pars and raising him I think in raising a boy you know in the world and raising a feminist but it is thrilling for me being an actress and there's so much self involved about being an actress and I and I'm looking forward to having. Something outside of myself to really put loved us toward a positive. Thank you so much for watching this and pick up my issue with the pregnancy and best of luck. And pregnancy journey and mean and.

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