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Casey Wilson's husband likes to joke that she's not one of those glowing women who looks like she's loving every moment of pregnancy—but we beg to differ. Here, the 34-year-old comedienne, whose first is due in May, shares the ups, the downs and the seriously hilarious moments she's had so far.

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If you've ever seen Casey Wilson on TV, you know she has a great sense of humor. The quirky cutie—who'll become a mama this spring—cracked us up for three seasons as Happy Endings' unluckyin- love Penny (catchphrase: "Ahmahhh- zing!"), and she's now trading zingers with Ken Marino on NBC's Marry Me. But if you hold any stereotypes about how Hollywood actresses aren't quite so quick to smile offscreen, ditch 'em now—Wilson is just as fun IRL as you'd hope.

Case in point: At our outdoor cover shoot in normally-sunny LA, Wilson was sitting in a chair on the other side of the swimming pool from the photo crew when clouds suddenly appeared, dumping rain onto the set. The crew scrambled with tarps and umbrellas to cover up the easily-damaged photo equipment, and after a minute or two someone looked across the pool and said, "Oh no! Who's covering Casey?" No need to panic. Wilson was all smiles, reaching out a hand to feel the drops and shouting, "Don't worry, I'm fine!"

That laughing-in-the-rain attitude has served her well through her first pregnancy, which, while it hasn't been easy, has taught her some valuable lessons about work, life and love. She dished about it all to Fit Pregnancy.

FIT PREGNANCY: How are you feeling? I just saw you on The Today Show, and it sounds like you haven't had the easiest time so far!
CASEY WILSON: I'm feeling so much better than I was. I had a very rocky first and early-second trimester—I felt tired and sick and in a fog, like an extreme hangover, until about week 16. I thought, surely, this is the worst part of parenting. Then I remembered when I was 15 and my mom said I couldn't go out, I pulled two giant brass wall sconces out of the wall with my bare hands. There are rougher waters ahead, I fear.

FP: You might be right! How did you handle work when you felt so sick?
CW: It's so difficult because you can't just stay home. But in some ways, it was good to learn to set limits. I'm someone who always says, "Oh, sure, I'll do that! I'll work an 80-hour week! Not a problem." This was the first time when my body simply said, "No, you can't do that." There were a couple of days at work when I hit 15 or 16 hours, and I had to tell the director that I needed to go home— that's so not me, and it was uncomfortable. But there was a freedom in creating boundaries, especially when I know that it's not just Casey who's saying no.

FP: That's a great lesson. Have you felt up to exercising at all?
CW: Before I got pregnant, I exercised six or seven days a week. I'd do a ton of hot power yoga and I'd train at this place called Rise Nation in LA—it's really intensive training, basically for actors. It's where Bradley Cooper went to get in shape for American Sniper! But when I got pregnant, my doctor recommended I stop the hot yoga. And even driving to the training, I was tired. If I'm tired driving to my training session, how am I going to actually train?! I've trained here and there, and I have a mini home gym that's the saddest little gym you've ever seen [laughs]. But I also started prenatal yoga.

Read the rest of the article in the April/May issue of Fit Pregnancy—on newsstands now! (Or, download your issue on iTunes and GooglePlay.)

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