Casey Wilson Gets Real About Pregnancy

Comedian Casey Wilson, star of Marry Me, talks unhealthy cravings, drinking coffee during pregnancy and why she's not kidding around with her birth plan

Casey Wilson Gets Real About Pregnancy Nino Munoz

It's hard to find a celebrity as down-to-earth and honest about her pregnancy as Casey Wilson. In an exclusive interview with Fit Pregnancy, the star of Marry Me dished on the highs and the lows of her 9 months of preparing to be a mom.

The unexpected reason she's eating well

When she was struggling with morning sickness in the first 16 weeks of her pregnancy, Wilson found herself craving carbs, carbs and more carbs. "I just wanted to eat the worst things for me, but I think it was making me feel worse," she said.

After her first trimester, when she was feeling a little better, she decided to make a conscious effort to clean up her diet. "I got back to drinking my green juice in the morning and just eating better," she said. "Once I did that I really did start feeling better."

Her unhealthy cravings

Eating well doesn't mean Wilson is resistant to giving into the occasional craving, which in the case of her pregnancy, came as somewhat of a surprise. "I was a real sugar person before I got pregnant, but for some reason I haven't been craving as much sugar as I have carbs and cheese, like grilled cheese and hamburgers."

There was one sweet craving she isn't proud of. "I was weirdly craving Coca Cola, until my doctor told me to slow my roll," she quipped. "She put me in my place pretty good about Coke!"

On being realistic about what you cut out

Happy to cut back on pre-preg pleasures like hot yoga, Wilson didn't give up on everything she loves in life. "I have a cup of coffee every morning," she said. "I felt like, frankly, I cannot continue working at this pace and at this level, to be carrying this TV show, without at least a cup of coffee." Her tip on cutting back on a multi-cup java habit? Have your one cup in the the afternoon. Start your day with some orange juice instead for an alternative energy boost.

Why giving birth is no joke

Wilson has hired a doula, who happens to also be her prenatal yoga teacher, to coach her through D-day. While having another expert on hand during labor and delivery is a no-brainer, the star says she's considering the help for another reason that has more to do with jokester husband David Caspe. "There is a point at which you could use someone there that is kind of a supportive, warm energy for you and that person might not in that moment actually be your husband," she explained. "I love my husband so much and he's so wonderful, but I guarantee he will never not be joking around and I can already sense that that might wear on me."

Getting real about baby names

Growing up, Wilson dreamed about what she'd someday name her future children. "I have old journals from growing up with 'these are going to be my kids' names' [written in them]," she commented. But when it comes down to naming a real-life child, the comedienne has different plans. "I think we'll go with naming him after people in our lives. There are so many people we want to honor."