Celebrity Trainers' Favorite Baby-Weight Busters

Check out these quick (and effective) moves that help get Hollywood's top moms back into shape.

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Celebrity Trainer: Andrea Orbeck

Creator of Supermodel Sculpt DVD

Celebrity Clients: Heidi Klum, Kourtney Kardashian

"Your hips naturally narrow again after you have your baby, but you can help them along by doing glutes, hip and ab work," says Orbeck.

This move works many different muscle groups at once, and the opportunity for progression is built-in: As your baby grows, you'll be lifting more and more weight.

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Celebrity Trainer: Andrea Orbeck

Favorite Baby-Fat Buster: Baby Bridge
Works: Core, glutes

To do this baby bridge, lie on your back, your knees bent and feet flat, with your baby sitting against your knees. Raise your lower back and hips off floor (keeping your baby's head and neck supported), then lower back down. Do 25 times.

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Celebrity Trainer: Ashley Borden

Fitness and lifestyle consultant

Celebrity Clients: Reese Witherspoon, Annabeth Gish

After having a baby, most women's biggest concern is strengthening the pelvic floor again. The best way to do that, says Borden, is the plank—done properly.

"A plank is your BFF," she says. "And when you're strict about your form, your body will change so much faster than if you do a bunch of fancy moves incorrectly." Keep your focus on proper form as well as the length of time you can hold the position—and keep track of it. "A month from now, you'll see how far you've progressed, which is really motivating," Borden says.

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Celebrity Trainer: Ashley Borden

Favorite Baby-Fat Buster: Plank
Works: Core, back, arms, glutes

To do a knee plank, kneel on a mat on the floor, and position yourself on your forearms, palms facing up. Your elbows should be close to your body and directly under your shoulders. Don't let your belly or head hang down or collapse between your shoulder blades.

Your spine should be in a straight line from your knees to your head, and you should be squeezing your glutes (which helps activate lower abdominal muscles) throughout the pose. Hold the position for as long as feels comfortable to you.

If you're able, you can progress from a knee plank to a full one: Extend each leg behind you one at a time, making sure you keep proper form. (Borden's tip to check your form: Stand in front of a mirror with a 4-foot body bar or broom. Hold the broom behind you so the back of your head and tailbone are touching the broom. Then pull your abdominal muscles in until your lower back is also touching the handle as much as possible. That's the properly aligned position you want in a plank.)

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Celebrity Trainer: Ramona Braganza

Creator of 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone DVD

Celebrity Clients: Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Ashlee Simpson

"Many new moms don't want to do any jumping because their breasts are larger and heavier after having a baby, so it's uncomfortable," Braganza says. Try wearing two exercise bras for extra support, she recommends. In addition to making sure you're comfortable, "Trust that your workout is going to change your body for the better," Braganza advises. "Your mental state is important."

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Celebrity Trainer: Ramona Braganza

Favorite Baby Fat Buster: Hitch Kick
Works: Legs, core and back

This hitch kick is a cardio blast as well as a toner: Stand with feet hip-width apart and arms bent in a fighter stance, with hands in fists in front of your face and palms facing each other. Lift your left knee up, then jump off your right leg and kick it forward, landing on your left foot. Each time you jump, switch legs. "You're lifting your body weight off the ground with each jump, which takes a lot of effort," Braganza says. "After 5 on each leg, you'll really start to breathe hard."

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