Celebrity Working Moms On "Having It All"

As any new mom who has to get back to work will tell you, it's one of the hardest things in the world to leave your baby for the first time.


Many working parents are filled with conflicting feelings of guilt but also the desire to maintain that aspect of their life where they get to be something other than mom and pursue their career goals.

While it might seem that it's easier for celebrity moms to juggle parenthood and their jobs, a slew of star mothers have recently been speaking out about the challenges they face in trying to have it all.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum gave birth to daughter Everly on May 31 and shared her views on playing the balancing act at a recent press event.

"I was a little worried about getting back to work, having my head be in the right place, leaving her at times," the 32-year-old Witches of East End star said.

"And I still have issues with that, like any new mom [who] goes back to work, but it's been really a lot easier with the amazing women [who] are part of this cast. They're helping me a lot."

Sarah Michelle Gellar has made the decision to make sure that she always works close to home so that she is able to have a routine with her daughter Charlotte, 3, and 10-month-old son Rocky.

"I applaud the women who can still make movies and travel all over the world, but that is not for me," the actress shared.

Gellar, who is set to star in a new CBS show, The Crazy Ones, with Robin Williams, said: "I've luckily found a job where I can take my daughter to school in the morning and still be at work. And for me, it is the best of both – I mean, the ultimate job I could ever ask for."

As an established mother-of-four, Victoria Beckham has years of experience being a parent while also working to build a successful fashion brand. But she recently told Vogue that she was not absolved of guilty feelings when she had to go back to work soon after her daughter Harper was born.

"It's a huge juggling act, when you are a working mother and looking after your family," the former Spice Girl said. "Millions and millions of women around the world are doing this every day, but it's not easy and yes, you feel guilty every time you walk out of the door to go to work."

Meanwhile, business mogul and Arabella's mommy, Ivanka Trump told Us Weekly that she tries not to "anticipate creating balance, because you can't really do that. Life throws challenges one's way."

"It's more just about ensuring that I have good priorities and that every day, I am where I need to be," The Apprentice star said while offering up some sound advice.

"Parenting is something you don't get right every day, but you try to get right as many days as possible. Time matters and being consistently an available, accessible, loving, supportive parent is important."

Ivanka's life is going to be filled with even more "chaos" as she's expecting her second baby later this year.

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